CR Medisystems

CR Medisystems Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1977. Originally set up with US collaboration, the Company has fully indigenised its activities.

Since inception it has been manufacturing a range of Cardiology products, viz. Cardiac Monitors, Defibrillators, Pulse Oximeters and ICU Central Monitors. These products find application within intensive care units, operation theatres and emergency/casualty areas in hospitals and nursing homes throughout the country.

In 1985, the Company commenced manufacture of Electronic Nurse-Call Systems. Since then, it has expanded its range of Hospital Utilities Products to include Bed-Head Panels, Bed-Lamp Panels, OT Pendants, OT Control Panels and OPD Patient-Call Systems.

Since 1995, Medisystems has also commenced Outsourcing of diverse Hospital, Medical, Laboratory, Scientific and Surgical instruments and equipment manufactured in India – principally for export to overseas buyers and institutions.

Medisystems has manufacturing facilities in Mumbai with distributor, dealer and product support arrangements throughout the country. It functions with a technical staff of 60 to 65 persons at the point of manufacture. These include staff in Engineering R & D, Quality Control, Product Assembly and Marketing. Several other technical sales & support personnel are employed by its distributors and dealers.

Combining high quality, US sourced bioengineering & hospital equipment technologies with cost effective production facilities in India, Medisystems offers sensibly priced products for use by hospitals and health care institutions everywhere.

At present there are over two hundred installations in India, as also a some overseas, where Medisystems products continue to perform with excellence and reliability.

The Company is vertically integrated and has the capability to proceed from product concept through design, prototyping, production, supply, installation, commissioning and long term product support & maintenance, in respect of all of its products. In-house manufacturing and R&D for new product development are augmented with extensive outsourcing of product components, as also research projects farmed out to experts in specific technologies.